Led Shoes tech insider review

When you think of led shoes, you think of little kids running around the mall with their blinking lights. Over the years we have seen videos on YouTube of creative parents with their kids linking up batteries to Leds. They would put the lights around the shoes almost like a Christmas tree and watch them glow. Everyone watching the videos was fascinated on how they did it but it seemed to have too many parts and was just complicated. You would have to buy parts from different manufactures and make it yourself.


Early stages, Inception

In the beginning of 2016 a company called Glidekicks took this simple project and turned it into a real pair of tech Led shoes. With a battery stitched underneath where your toe is and leds on the inside of the transparent inner sole. They then began to bring in similar styles to your favorite shoes from big brands and put lights inside. The public went crazy for these hoverboard sneakers. Mall kiosks started to pop up in every major city as well as copy cats. Now you cannot go into any shopping center without seeing a line wrapped around the kiosk of people interested in owning a pair.

How do they work?

Unlike the traditional led shoes from the 90s where you had to be a tap dancer for the lights to work. These shoes have a small lithium ion battery encased in a fire resistant case and a micro chip. The micro chip is connected to the led strip that is going around the shoes on the inside facing outwards. Then there is a little on & off switch that is hidden inside the led shoes that feed back to the battery. The same switch also has a USB port at the end of it so you can charge and recharge the shoes. Its that simple, as the customer all you see it the little USB wire that you can hide and can turn the shoes on and off with.

Overall these led shoes are brilliant. You can buy them in multiple colors and styles as well as any size (even adults). Kids can wear them to show off and adults can wear them to clubs, lounges and parties or when going out for a run in the dark. We could not find anything negative about them, if you want to be discreet you can just turn off the lights and no one will even know that your shoes have special abilities!

Self Balancing Electric Scooters – Insider Review

If you have recently become interested in self balancing scooters, then you will be extremely satisfied to know that you are on the number one hoverboard review blog on the internet!  These brand new hovering skateboards have exploded in popularity all over the country, but there’s a small problem.  Most airports along with college campuses have banned the devices due to the safety hazards associated with the lower quality boards, whose batteries are overheating and catching on fire, causing millions of dollars worth of property damage throughout the country.  If you want to ensure that your family ends up with an extremely safe hoverboard, then please listen up as we outline the specific requirements that will determine whether or not a scooter is safe for use on the asphalt, dirt, and for general use.

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Lamborghini Hoverboard Now Popular

The brand new hoverboard model that is taking the entire marketplace by storm is the Lamborghini Hoverboard, which comes in a variety of different colors, from Black to Red, to Orange, to Pink, and even Purple.  These boards have that high quality, sleek Lambo finish that simply screams “cool”, and will have your friends doing a double take once they hear the music from your bluetooth speakers come blasting out of the front of your hoverboard while you are cruising down the street with the LED runner lights lit up and flashing away like some crazy, futuristic UFO!  I think that’s why kids love these boards so much, because they are attention grabbers.

Hoverbaord Theft Happening In Inner Cities

Watch out though, as riding one of these boards around can attract an unwanted type of attention.  There have recently been a lot of cases of stolen hoverboards reported across the country, so apparently people are being blind-sided and jumped for their electric scooter.  People are rolling up in vans and pushing people off their scooters and then making off with them.  It’s actually not that surprising, with some of these models totaling up to around $500 for a premium version, you can see why someone would want to steal it.

Some Final Tips For Buying A Balance Wheel

One last tip that I would like to leave you with is to always make sure the board you buy has a genuine UL certification.  This basically means that it was tested, and is rated to be safely operated as an electrical scooter.  There are factories overseas that are building these products with cheap quality components, which is why they sell for a lot less than many of the other quality brands on the market.  The key is to avoid purchasing your board from online auction sites such as eBay and others, where you are surely not going to get the highest quality product in the industry, so please keep that in mind when you are getting ready to make your first purchase.

Where To Find A Segway Hoverboard For Sale

There are a lot of online stores claiming to be the very best place to buy a segway hoverboard on sale, but none of them are telling you the truth regarding the safety of the units that they are peddling in their store. Sure, they may be able to sell you these hoverboards at 50% of the cost of the typical online retailers selling them around the web, but they are going to be put together with some of the cheapest parts in the industry, leaving out all of the important stuff that really makes the difference when it comes to operating a hover board in a safe yet highly effective manner. If you want to put some distance between yourselves and the other players in this marketplace, then you’re going to have to do something dramatic to stand out from the pack, that way you don’t come across as someone who has unoriginal ideas and never thinks for themselves in any way, shape, or form.

These hands free mini segways usually come with the 6.5″ wheels, but some manufacturers are also making them available in 8″ and 10″ with bluetooth speakers and in a variety of other colors such as graffiti, mercedes black, and ghost goblin green. Teenagers along with adults are eating these products up, and it will be very interesting to see how people approach buying them as the technology continues to improve and the product engineers come out with more interesting types of goods for consumers to try and test at their own discretion. Many users in the United States have been asking that retailers attempt to get a UL certification.

The UL has recently come out in a press release, stating that it will now allow all hoverboard manufacturers and retailers to submit their products for approval. The UL will put these hands free segways through a variety of different tests and procedures to make sure that they are safe for public consumption. Until the UL certifies your brand of board, I would focus solely on buying products with the CE, FCC, and ROHS certifications. But most importantly, watch out for fake Samsung batteries. Most of the fake Samsung battery segways were seized in Chicago, which was intercepted during it’s importing from China into the United States. These boards had green batteries with a “Samsung” stamp on them, but they were not original, authentic batteries from the manufacturer. It’s important to know which are the correct ones, so doing your due diligence up front and putting in the time and effort to find the quality boards will pay off dividends down the road.

2 Wheeled Hoverboard Scooters – The Next Big Thing

If you have been paying attention lately, then you will have realized that there are many people who are now getting involved with these hoverboard scooters that have been becoming extremely popular in our society. These things are basically 2 wheeled self balancing scooters, but everyone is calling them hoverboards. Well the technology is definitely cool, and we are going to start reviewing these products to see which brands and models are the best. If you are interested in testing these products out for yourself, then you definitely need to take the time to make these purchases only after doing several hours of in depth research. You don’t want to go out there and purchase one of these without reading any material, because there are ones being made in china using cheap batteries that are breaking down consistently and having other problems such as the motors not working any more and the balancing feature not working any more.  To get the latest information on these products the best method is to check out online hoverboard review sites to get more information about the best models that are currently for sale.

A lot of people are concerned that these hoverboards could possibly explode and catch on fire, which is why you need to make sure that you are buying the UL or CE certified batteries, because they are the only ones that are rated as safe and effective for everyday use. There is also an ROHS certification that the factories over in China need to use in order to represent their intentions to allow the batteries to be recycled for maximum environmental friendliness. These boards are extremely easy to perform maintenance on, and we are going to show you exactly how to open them up and work on them to keep them running at optimum performance. IF you aren’t making sure you are purchasing the boards with the certified batteries, then you run the risk of getting one of the cheap China batteries that are known to explode and catch on fire. The fires that these batteries are producing are chemical fires too, so they are extremely dangerous, so keep that in mind moving forward.

I have seen kids riding these scooters on the boardwalk where I live, and I must say it’s not that annoying as long as they know how to drive. I can see how someone could become an annoyance on one of these things, but overall I would say that it doesn’t cause that much of a problem for regular pedestrians. If you are riding one of these boards in the city, watch out because some cops are confiscating these boards and holding them down at the police station, and not returning them. They are probably keeping them, and these things are not cheap! So be on the look out for some thieves and schemers who will try to swindle you out of your board, because they are lurking out there in the shadows. Hoverboarding is an extremely cool sport, and yes I am considering it a sport, because there are so many other dumb things out there that are called a sport. So yes, it’s a cool sport that is here to stay so jump on the hover bandwagon because it’s the wave of the future!